Q&A for Request For Proposal (Services) Ref: RFP/549MLW1000.2.3.4/011/2018 Title: Delivery of entrepreneurship training and follow up support

Q: Does STEP prefer the HUB in Blantyre (i.e. Dineo and co.) above the Mhub in Lilongwe for example? We are currently exploring which org. fits best with the needs f the ToR.

A: It will be relevant  to partners from all three regions of Malawi as the training for entrepreneurship teachers would be preferred to be managed as parallel trainings during the  break mid April to end April.

Q: In the ToR on page 11 under “C. activities objective 1” the following is mentioned: “Establish and get approval of job profile for entrepreneurship instructors (DACUM).” Does STEP expect the consultants team to develop this DACUM chart, following the DACUM process via facilitating a session with experts/entrepreneurs (using accredited facilitators as the two gentleman from Zimbabwe) or will STEP facilitate this outside the scope of this ToR or do you want the consultants/MDF to develop a draft DACUM chart from their own analysis.  Could you possibly clarify on this point? Partly as it also does not came back in the deliverables section on page 13-14.

A: STEP will take care of the development of the DACUM, but the company assigned, should take care of the remaining process

Q: Is a consortia eligible if the specified staff assigned to this tender from the consortium organisations have this experience, but the specific organisations involved have not fulfilled such contracts over 3 years as specified above.

A: The requirement for a company to have this experience is mandatory as stated. The requirement for individual consultants in a team to have such experience is a separate requirement which also needs to be fulfilled.

  1. ToR page 10, Introduction Section, Para 5,: In August, 2018, STEP initiated a review and revision of the present entrepreneurship curriculum which was undertaken by Metrowall, a Malawian Consultant company. The delivery of the revised curricula requires training of up to 60 TVET Entrepreneurship instructors.

Q: Can the report from Metrowall consultants be made available to the bidders?

A: Not yet as it is still in a first draft form.

Q: Has the Metrowall consultant’s developed curricula which has been accepted by STEP which needs to be delivered, or the bidders can deliver globally established entrepreneurship development program which are accepted in many countries and certify TVET Entrepreneurship instructors?

A: There is already a entrepreneurship curriculum, which is delivered, by TEVET instructors, but this is under revision. The curriculum revision will be done through a participatory process with TEVET agency and stakeholders where a consultant is involved.

Q: This para states 60 instructors are to be trained whereas in other places of the ToR there is a requirement that 70 instructors are to be trained, besides training another 20 master trainers.

A: The number of instructors will be app. 70 and 20 master trainers.

  1. ToR page 12, Objective 5, bullet point 2: The assignment will include the responsibility for establishment, hosting and management of the platform for a period of 12 months, and if necessary to do this via a Malawi based IT provider (low cost basis). After the 12 months, the system should be handed over the TEVETA for continuation (the same is also a “key performance indicator” numbered “e” in Section D “Deliverable”)

Q: The 12 month period will start from when? a) Beginning of contract period or (b) the 12 month period July 2019 – June 2020, assuming entrepreneurship instructors training gets completed by June 2019.

A: The period will start when the platform is developed, and ready to use.

Q: Is there a provision for electronic submission of the proposals (password protected financial proposal separately), while the original proposal is put on post within stipulated time and courier airway bill is produced as proof of dispatch.

A: There is no electronic submission of the proposal