STEP has been working with the construction sector to ensure revisions to the curricula for the five major construction trades align with industry needs. The Chairperson of the construction sector advisory council (SAC), Mr. Joe Ching’ani,  was approached to identify trade practitioners who could participate in five upcoming DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) workshops for carpentry, electrical wiring (house-wiring), brick-laying, plumbing and painting. After consultation with Malawi  Building  and  Civil-Engineering  Allied  Traders Association (MABCATA) members, Mr. Ching’ani was able to identify groups of plumbers, electricians and other trade members to participate. In their respective DACUM sessions, these tradespersons (of whom at least 20% were female) were asked to describe their work in terms of the competencies required. As they reflected on and identified these competencies, the DACUM facilitator collected the statements and put them on cards on the wall. This visual display helped the tradespersons see their occupation in a new way and also made sure that no competencies were missed. Based on the occupational profiling, a formal DACUM chart was produced, competency standards developed, content learning analysis completed, and teaching and learning materials prepared.

Two participants in carpentry DACUM session review their work