STEP upholds National TEVET Principals Forum Establishment

Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP) will be facilitating the National Principals’ Forum elections at a workshop from 22 to 23 September, 2017.

This Forum follows recommendations presented to the Department of Technical and Vocational Training (DTVT), under the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, in April, 2017 as regards the establishment of a national body to represent TEVET Principals in Malawi.

The Principals’ Forum will provide an avenue to address challenges facing technical training institutions. This initiative for technical colleges parallels efforts to engage more with industry through sector advisory committees and trade advisory committees.

According to Director of Technical and Vocational Training Dr. Godfrey Kafere, the establishment of the National Forum for Institutional Principals is a very welcome development.  The Forum comprises of all Technical Colleges both public and private, Community Technical Colleges and Skills Development Centres.  This being diverse, it will provide a common platform for sharing information among the institutions.  The Forum will help in cross pollination of management ideas across the institutions and at the same time share best practices and challenges including areas of research and development in TEVET sector.

Noting that at the moment, there is a gap between industry needs and what the institutions offer on training, Chairman for the ad hoc steering committee for the Principals’ forum, Mr. Sugzika Mvalo, says there is indeed a need for the establishment of the Forum.

“The Forum will act as a good link to the Industry for whom the technicians and trades persons are being trained. Issues of relevance in the courses being offered will be looked into at these Forums so that problems of mismatch between what the Industry wants and the quality of graduates from these institutions are minimised or totally eradicated” said Mvalo.

Among others, the Forum will have a representative from institutions such as National Technical Colleges, Community Technical Colleges, Community Skills Development Centres, private TEVET institutions as well as NGO-run institutions.

In line with this, STEP will be providing logistical and technical support in establishing an effective National Principals’ Forum.

In addition, STEP in collaboration with DTVT and the principals from all regions will ensure that the establishment of the body conforms to government policies and statues.

STEP is an initiative that empowers youth, enhances job creation and increases access to skills development opportunities aimed at empowering the TEVET sector and its capacity to satisfy the economy’s need for professionals through improvement of equitable and gender-balanced TEVET.

The initiative which is for four years in duration (2016-2020) is focusing on the construction sector and it is being implemented by the Government of Malawi with technical support from UNESCO and with funding from the European Union.


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