STEP Works with TEVETA Established Trade Advisory Committees

During two weeks from October 30 to November 9, STEP conducted five, 2-day content review workshops with the Trade Advisory Committees (TACs) for the construction trades – carpentry, brick-laying, plumbing, electrical (house-wiring) and painting. The TACs were recently established by TEVETA as part of their quality assurance mechanisms and this series of workshops supported by STEP were their first substantive advisory activity. Each workshop was co-facilitated by STEP Team Leader, Mr. Arthur E. Shears, and the Deputy Director (Curriculum) from TEVETA, Mr. Francisco Makwinja.

The members of each committee were asked to review the content of the Facilitator Guide prepared for their occupation earlier by STEP consultants. The participants reviewed the content of each module page by page and suggested adjustments where necessary. These were made immediately or tracked for changes later where a photo or diagram needed to be adjusted or changed. The content of respective Facilitator Guides were accepted by the TACs with positive comments concerning the inclusion of so many practical exercises and illustrations.

After some small adjustments, the Facilitator Guides will be presented to the TEVETA Board for final clearance, and then shared with the Department of TVET in the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development for vetting before they are replicated and distributed for use. The Learner Guide is imbedded in the Facilitator Guide and so at the same time as validating the content of the Facilitator Guide, the content of the Learner Guide was also validated. These Learner Guides will also be distributed to the trainees taking the Construction Trades Level 1. Similar teaching / learning materials for Levels 2 and 3 will be developed starting early in 2018.

Assistant Quality Assurance Specialist from TEVETA Wonanji Sande sharing some ideas with the Brick-laying Trade Advisory Committee members.

Members of the Electrical Installation (House wiring) Trade Advisory Committee listening attentively to a fellow member’s input as they go through the Facilitator’s guide.

Painting and Decoration Committee members thinking through the discussions during Day 2 of their workshop.

Plumbing Trade Advisory Committee going through the Facilitators Guide together.