Empowering students through promotion of inclusive learning environments

At the end of August, TEVET instructors from African Vision Malawi, Zayed Energy and Ecology Centre, Soche Technical College, Nasawa Technical College, Stephanos Vocational Centre, and Naminjiwa Community Technical College came together for a training on gender responsive pedagogy in TEVET.  The goal of the training was to equip the technical instructors with practical skills in gender responsive pedagogy as a way to create inclusive learning environments that empower students and promotes learning.

Through the course, the instructors were expected to demonstrate an understanding of gender, identify gender equality issues in the TEVET system, understand institutional approaches to create a safe and conducive learning environment, employ gender responsive pedagogy and practices in classrooms and workshops, and demonstrate a culture of zero-tolerance to gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

Some of the aspects which instructors said they learned most was the ability to create an inclusive classroom and workshop to support learning for all, having a greater understanding of gender issues that restrict and inhibit men and women’s experience at the college, and the types of violence experienced at the college.

Based on the feedback from the instructors, the course will be revised and STEP will work with MoLYSMD to roll out the training for all TEVET instructors.  Conducting the gender responsive TEVET training is one important stage in STEP’s approach to promoting an equitable TEVET.