STEP Delivers Programme in Training Course Development

A key objective for the Skills and Technical Education Programme is to improve the quality and relevance of TEVET. An important element in achieving this objective is enhancing capacity among TEVET practitioners in systematic training course development.

To contribute to this capacity development, STEP organised a workshop from Monday 27th to Friday 31st August 2018. The participants included a total of 20 representatives from TEVET institutions, industry, the TEVET Authority and Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sport and Manpower Development.

The participants were engaged for a week in learning about all aspects of training course development from training needs assessment, verification with industry, and development of standards, to development of curricula and assessment of student performance.

Before the commencement of the training, the facilitator, Mr. Simon Coetzee, indicated that the training is very practical and hands-on with an opportunity to explore the guidelines and templates provided. The main reference for the training is a manual produced by STEP entitled: “Malawi TEVET Training Development Manual” which has been well received by both TEVETA and the DTVT.