Demonstrating the concept of Equity at Namitete College

“How do we reach equality? Equality isn’t giving everyone the same things; it’s giving everyone the same opportunities. Everyone is different and has different needs, some people need more help than others to achieve the same results.” We had great fun demonstrating how equity can be used to reach equality to TEVET trainees at Namitete Technical College recently using some paper, trainees of different heights and a chair. This is one of many interactive sessions from the new orientation programme STEP has developed for TEVET colleges throughout Malawi with support from the EU in Malawi. STEP was testing the orientation programme with a group of students at the college and using their feedback to improve the final orientation programme guide. The guide will be printed and distributed to all TEVET colleges in Malawi in January 2019 for inducting the trainees at the start of term. Thank you to all the trainees and instructors from Namitete who took part, your input was invaluable. #education4all #TEVET#endviolenceinschools