TEVET Instructor Profiles: Meet Rajab Smart, Tailoring Instructor

Meet Rajab Smart, a newly qualified TEVET tailoring instructor who participated in the EU funded STEP Code of Conduct and Orientation training in Lilongwe recently. Rajab gave this advice to young Malawians “I would tell a person interested in TEVET that it is the way forward, it will teach them skills that will help develop our country.” He also thanked the EU and STEP for the training he received: “I have learnt about the code of conduct for staff, about respect, care, impartiality and integrity. Now I know the way forward, how to start my programme and how to orientate my students.” SMART by name, SMART by nature, we know you will be an inspiration to them Rajab. Now go be their ROLE MODEL!#rolemodels #technicaleducation #tevet#education4all #skillsforfuture #fashionmister#fashionista #codeofconduct #respect #care#integrity #impartiality