Students Driven Solutions has empowered 34 women at Mchezi in Lilongwe with business skills that will help to transform their lives.

Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP) with funding from the European Union supports the entrepreneurship bursary program.

Some of the modules that have been covered during the training period are; financial literacy, career and goal setting, business management, how to conduct surveys, market research, writing business plan, basic budgeting, saving and investing in your future, business money management and competition and price setting.

“I have been struggling financially and this training has come at the right time because I have learnt entrepreneurial skills. I will now be able to venture into a meaningful business. We started the training in November last year and I am happy that we have now graduated today on 12th February 2019,” says a 23-year-old Eneles Phiri.

According to Phiri, she will use the skills to transform her life and that of her child.

Programme Assistant for STEP Rhodia Chadzunda, who was the guest of honour at the graduation ceremony, encouraged the women to use the skills they have acquired.

“It is important that women should be financially independent. I want to encourage you to use the skills you have acquired. As a business person, you are supposed to identify your market, this will help you to know the right product or services to offer,” she explains.

According to Chadzunda, challenges in business are inevitable so she urged the women not to give up.

The aim of EU-STEP in this initiation, is to ensure that the women are leaders in business in their specific areas.