Research Studies Under Way on the Training Fund and Monitoring Mechanisms for TEVET

Two consultants are conducting research commissioned under the Skills and Technical Education Programme, one looking into the operation of the Training Fund and the other reviewing  monitoring mechanisms for technical and vocational education and training in Malawi.

The purpose of the first assignment is to review the governance arrangements of the training fund and examine the strengths, weaknesses, effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of existing governance arrangements. Among other activities, the consultant will conduct surveys of training fund beneficiaries to determine their understanding of fund operations and identify any areas for improvement. After consultations with stakeholders, the consultant is expected to develop options for new management arrangements and recommend a way forward.

Meanwhile, the second researcher is working closely with members of the private sector to review existing mechanism (if any) and determine what new mechanisms can be established to encourage enhanced private sector engagement in TEVET, including better monitoring of the TEVET system. Such monitoring is important because it is companies in the private sector which hire TEVET graduands. Effective monitoring will enable the private sector to flag any weaknesses in the quality of curriculum, or training and help ensure the persons leaving the TEVET system have the skills needed by industry.

Both these studies are being managed under Component 3 of STEP – Strengthen the governance and management of TEVET regulatory bodies and training institutions. Questions about these studies or other aspects of Component 3 can be directed to Mr. Todini Marecha at: