Women and girls that are participating in the STEP bursary programme being implemented by Students Driven Solution (SDS) at Mitundu in Lilongwe say the programme will help to empower them economically.

Clara Banda from Traditional Authority Chiseka and Patricia Chisale from Traditional Authority Chingala are some of the learners that are participating in the programme.

Banda says she will start a small scale business and the proceeds will support her studies while Chisale says, “The skills I am going to acquire will help me to be self-reliant.”

Project Coordinator for SDS Lukia Lemani says the beneficiaries were identified through chiefs.

“We have beneficiaries that are already doing business and those that are not doing anything. All of them will learn entrepreneurship skills and we hope that the skills will help them to improve their lives and those of their communities,” Lemani says.

According to Lemani, SDS is impressed with the attendance and commitment of the beneficiaries.

Some of the modules to be covered are; Community engagement, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Social Justice and Self-advocacy, Financial Literacy, Career and Goal Setting, Business Management, How to conduct market research, Presentations and Public Speaking, Writing Business Plan, Matching Strength with Careers and Basic Budgeting.

Others are; Saving and investing in your future, Business Money Management, Competition and Price Setting, changing mindset to maximize the future and Social Enterprises.

All the beneficiaries will receive attendance certificate at the end of the training. Classes started on 3rd April and they are expected to graduate on 21st June

Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP) with funding from the European Union is supporting a bursary program in the area of women’s entrepreneurship which is being implemented by SDS.