TEVET Principals in Malawi for one agenda

Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training-TEVET Principals in Malawi have formed an Association whose aim is to address issues affecting the TEVET sector with one voice. The body has been established through elections conducted on 23rd September, 2017 and over 32 Principals from various Technical Colleges participated in the process.

Following the elections, Mzuzu Technical College has been entrusted with the chairmanship for the newly established Tevet Principals Association of Malawi-TPAM.

The Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP) facilitated the elections process being in line with one of its objectives which is to strengthen the governance and management of TEVET regulatory bodies and training institutions.

The eight-member Association has been put in place to represent all Technical, Educational and Vocational Education and Training-TEVET Principals and Institutions at National level. The elections were based on the already established regional structures for North, Central and South.

Mzuzu Technical College whose Principal is the Vice Chair for Training Providers Association of the North (TPAN), Julius Phiri represented the institution during the elections.

TEVET Principals: Voting in progress

In his acceptance speech, Phiri said being elected into a leading position means there is a big task ahead since the association is just being established and needs a firm foundation for its sustainability.

“Our aim should be to unite as one TEVET provider body whether national, private, community or skills development centre so that one day we shall be called the best pioneers if we work together in implementing the plans that we are going to set”, said Phiri.

Phiri also asked members especially who had been in the steering committee for four months to continue helping in running the affairs of the Association.

In addition to that he said there is need to have a mandate where as they will be able to lobby with the industry and the responsible ministry which includes formulation of a constitution based on the three regional structures.

Earlier on before the elections, Director of the Department of Technical and Vocational Training under Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Dr Godfrey Kafere also commended the idea to establish a forum since it helps in cross pollination of management ideas across the institutions and at the same time shares best practices and challenges including areas of research and development in the TEVET sector.

In his reaction, TVET Governance and Institution Management Specialist for STEP, Todini Marecha, said; ‘This is a big STEP towards improved coordination within TEVET institutions. STEP will support TPAM’s efforts in creating effective interface with other stakeholders, especially the industry’.

Other Executive members include Don Bosco as the Vice Chair, Chilobwe Technical College as the Treasurer, Malindi Community Skills Development Centre as the Secretary and Miracle Technical Institute as the Vice Secretary.

The other three members are the chairpersons of TPAN, TPAC and TPAS representing the regions and have full membership with voting rights.

STEP is a European Union funded initiative that empowers youth, enhances job creation and increases access to skills development opportunities aimed at empowering the TEVET sector and its capacity to satisfy the economy’s need for professionals through improvement of equitable and gender-balanced TEVET.