Visit to STEP by official from Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

On Wednesday, March 11th, the STEP team welcomed Ms. Marit Halsvik Lillealtern, Senior Advisor, Section on UN Policy of the Norwegian MFA to their office. Ms. Lillealtern, who was visiting Malawi with a delegation from Norway had asked for time to discuss our programme’s work and relations with other UN agencies.

She was impressed by the scope of the STEP programme and the efforts to reach out to women and vulnerable groups. She pointed out that the new Minister of Foreign Affairs is keen to support projects that link the private sector to education through skills development.

The team shared with her some ideas for possible Norwegian support to Malawi in the future including skills development programmes in construction, renewable energy, oil and gas, tourism, computer numeric control, and technological areas including instrumentation and electronics.

It was recommended that further support is required to improve access of students with disabilities to training centres. Ms. Lillealtern appreciated the information shared and left with two information packages on STEP that she indicated would be shared with her development colleagues in the embassy and in Norway.