Training Fund Report – Findings and recommendations to be presented to stakeholders soon

The Department for Technical and Vocational Training (DTVT) and STEP together with TEVETA met on 11th July to listen to a presentation of the draft report on ‘Proposal for a New Training Fund Governance Arrangement Involving Employers, Workers and Other Stakeholders.’

The consultancy on the training fund was initiated by STEP and this meeting was the first formal presentation of findings and recommendations. Mr. Aubrey Matemba, the DTVT Director, chaired the proceedings. 

Dr. Michael Mambo – STEP Consultant presenting the findings

After a lengthy presentation, followed by a plenary discussion, the meeting agreed that the consultant, Dr Michael Mambo, would present the findings and recommendations to a larger group of stakeholders at a date to be agreed. STEP will facilitate the stakeholders’ workshop.

STEP is funded by the European Union and partially managed by UNESCO.