STEP participated in this year’s International Literacy Day commemoration which took place on 8 September at Manyamula Skills Development ground in the area of Paramount Chief Mbelwa in Mzimba district.

The commemoration was a combination of International Literacy Day (8 September) and World Youth Skills Day which falls on 15 July every year, and the theme was “Literacy and Skills Development”

The activities were led by Government of Malawi under two ministries namely Ministry of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development as well as Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development.

In her speech, the Guest of Honour, Hon. Grace Obama Chiumia, MP, Minister of Civic Education and Community Development, encouraged the youth to increase their employment and business opportunities by attending literacy classes and advancing their skills through skills development.

During the event, amongst the major activities were a graduation of women who have gone under Adult Literacy classes and are now be able to read and write, and others who were tailoring students from DAPP Malawi College.

In addition to that, National Library Service whose objective is to promote the reading culture in the country, donated books to the Manyamula Skills Development Centre for students to have access to information depending on their trades.

STEP was represented through the team based in Lilongwe who had set up a stall and women from Zayed Academy who are under STEP bursary program for a solar PV installation course.

Paramount Chief M’mbelwa, Director of Civic Education, Director of Department of Technical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational, Education and Training, Northern region TEVETA Service Centre Manager and Acting Executive Secretary for National Commission for UNESCO were among the invited guests who attended the event.

Other partners that participated during the commemoration included DVV International, Action Aid, Community Savings and Investment Promotion – COMSIP, TEVETA, DAPP, Manyamula Community Skills Development Centre and Kurya ndiko uku CBO.

The Ministry of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development was appreciative of STEP’s participation and contributions which include Pamajiga and the two tents which accommodated all participants and those who were presenting displays and artefacts.

Skills and Technical Education Programme – STEP is an initiative funded by the European Union, partially implemented by UNESCO, and the Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development.