STEP launches a bursary program with Student Driven Solutions on entrepreneurship and skills training

STEP has recently launched a bursary program with Student Driven Solutions, a local NGO that provides financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills to vulnerable women.  Women will be empowered both economically and socially through the provision of bursaries to access high quality and effective entrepreneurship training program and skills training.

The target beneficiaries for the bursary program are Malawian women between the ages of 16-27 who live in the peri-urban areas of Lilongwe.  Over 1.5 years, Student Driven Solutions will train 284 women in a 3 month, part-time entrepreneurship program.

The program will be run in 3 different areas of Lilongwe district. Of the 284 students, 24 will be selected to enter a formal skills development program at a private or public technical college to study a technical field of their choice.

One of the unique elements of this training initiative is the community service that the students do.  Students identify a need in the community and devise a solution to address the problem.  For example, in Mitundu, the students organized to clean the local health clinic while in Njewa, the students are planning to set up a mini-market area.  This is a great example of learning through community action.

Students from Njewa learning about market research

Mitundu students providing community service in the local health clinic

Mitundu students providing community service in the local health clinic
















For more background on Student Driven Solutions, please visit their website.