STEP Represented at EU Day’s Event

Skills and Technical Education Programme -STEP staff attended this year’s Europe Day. The EU delegation in Malawi invited staff from STEP to set up an information booth at the EU Day event in Lilongwe on May 9th.

STEP was one of several projects funded by the EU that had a display booth and were sharing their activities and achievements with attendees from Government, embassies, NGOs, private sector and the general public. The STEP table displayed a number of research studies, reports and information sheets but the main focus of attention were the pictures and videos on display.

EU Ambassador to Malawi Marchel Gerrmann speaking at the event

Part of the audience during the event

Pictures showed a range of activities ranging from female students trying their hand at a trade, to institution managers participating in peer-to-peer learning sessions at model institutions, and bursary holders installing electrical conduit.

Prominent visitors to the STEP booth included the EU Ambassador accompanied by the guest of honour, the Honourable Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs- Samuel Tembenu, the Japanese Ambassador as well as other senior Government officials. Many of the visitors to the STEP booth commented on the importance of developing skilled workers to better their employment prospects and to improve the economy.

After the formal part of the programme was over, and the STEP display items were put away, STEP team members present enjoyed the hospitality offered at the many EU food tables arranged around the Ambassador’s compound. It was an informative and enjoyable evening for all.