On 18th September STEP kick-started a series of Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) programmes (3) in the Southern region, at Domasi Teacher Training College. Additional trainings will be held in the Northern and the central region during October and November this year.

The training target 120 TEVET instructors recently employed by TEVETA and Ministry of Labour, Youth Sports and Manpower Development to work at 20 Community Technical Colleges and Community Skills Development Centers renovated and received new equipment, funded by the EU.

The 10-day CBT&A training will enhance the pedagogical teaching/instructing capacity of the newly appointed TEVET instructors, who have an advanced trade certificate but little or no experience in the delivery of training. The programme also includes up-skilling of 15 master trainers who can deliver the CBT&A training in the future. The CBT&A training, as well as the master training, is conducted by MDF training and Consultancy, who are known as internationally recognized experts in among others CBT&A.

New TEVET Instructors posing for a group photo

The CBT&A training was opened by the Principal of Domasi Teacher Training College Dr. Florida Banda, and TEVET Authority Head of Regulatory and Compliance Services Mr.  Charles Mataya.

During the first day of the training participants among others worked with the identification of the characteristics of an excellent TEVET instructor, were introduced to and used different active learning methodologies, and the training cycle. Participants experienced some of the techniques and advantages of using CBT&A training, and were asked to take the floor, to demonstrate the different steps in the training cycle.

One participant said “already on the first day we were asked to do a presentation of different teaching methodologies, and use these in role plays. I experienced that it is important to engage students actively in the learning, but that the methods required  are also very different from what I have seen before.” Another participant added “to engage students actively is very important, but also requires new competences from TEVET instructors, that I hope to get from this training”