Assessor Training Programme Successfully Completed

Mr. Joseph Chirombo representing the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development and Mr. Francisco Makwinja representing TEVETA were present during the closing ceremony of the seven-day long training programme on competency based assessment held at Simama Hotel, Lilongwe from December 10-16, 2018. The training for the 23 staff from the three regional assessment centres was organized by Component 2 of STEP under the leadership of Ms. Kirsten Larsen, who was also present. The week’s programme covered a variety of topics including national qualifications frameworks, principles of competency based training and assessment, planning of assessment activities, and development of assessment tools to name just a few of the topics. Participants were generous in their praise of the programme and of the trainer, Mr. John Arthur, from Australia. They looked forward to applying what they learned on the job and to further development opportunities supported by STEP and the European Union.

Mr. Arthur Shears, UNESCO Team Leader, STEP, handed out the certificates with Mr. Chirombo and Mr. Makwinja.