Forty-three students graduate from YiPmade vocational skills centre

Forty-three students at Music Crossroads’ YiPmade vocational skills centre have successfully undergone a four-month intensive training course in fabrication and welding, tailoring, fashion and designing as well as creative arts.

The graduation ceremony took place on Friday, February 8th at YiPMade vocational skills centre in Lilongwe.

This is the third cohort of beneficiaries from the project entitled ‘vocational skills training and empowerment for vulnerable and marginalized young people in conflict with the law and persons with albinism.’

Lena Veierskov, Programme Manager for Education at the EU delegation in Malawi was the guest of honour.

“I believe that the importance of education and technical training cannot be overestimated. Learning a trade is more than just achieving a skill- it is a path to a better life and a brighter future,” said Veierskov.

She also thanked Music Crossroads Malawi for the important work they are doing by providing training and support to vulnerable and marginalized groups, and thereby helping them to set off to a better life.

“The EU is committed to supporting young people in getting educated and receiving quality skills training. That is why the EU has dedicated 168 million Euro (approximately 142 billion kwacha) to support secondary education and vocational education and training in Malawi from 2014-2020,” she explained.

Veierskov adds, “As part of this support, we are implementing the Skills and Technical Education Programme –STEP which has the objective to strengthen Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational training in Malawi in order to increase the quality and volume of the skilled workforce and thereby contribute to the economic development of the country.”

In 2017, through support from the EU-STEP programme, YiPmade vocational skills centre has been recruiting an average of 48 beneficiaries every six months to undergo an intensive training in fabrication and welding, creative arts, entrepreneurship as well as music.

Music Crossroads is a recipient of the EU-STEP grant, whose overall objective is to empower the Technical Entrepreneurial Vocational Education and Training (TEVET) sector in Malawi.