A 32- year old Allessandra Trinca has urged girls to embrace vocational education as one way of being self-reliant.

Trinca, from Italy, is in Malawi for various assignments to do with her work.

She is one of the officials building a new office belonging to the National Registration Bureau (NRB) on Capital Hill in Lilongwe.

“People perceive architecture as a man’s job.  I want to thank my father for encouraging me to study architecture.  Today I am in Malawi because of my job,” she said.

According to Trinca, women can do anything like their male counterparts. “When I am doing my work, I forget that I am a woman and I just see myself as human.”

She expressed the need for girls to be self-reliant, and noted that vocational education is one of the areas to be explored.

Trinca noted that vocational education is one of the major drivers for economic growth of any country, hence the need for more women to join the field.