STEP is celebrating women and girls who are courageous to enter non-traditional careers.  According to Robert Chiwamba “We know the journey is not easy for them and often times they have been held back by the community’s beliefs that they can’t do a man’s job.  I want all of these courageous women to know that Malawi stands behind them.  They are courageous women shaping a positive Malawi.”  Robert Chiwamba is a young poet followed by Malawians of all ages.  He is a HeforShe champion and, through his prose, is a strong advocate for women’s rights.  “Through this poem, I want to help Malawians let go of some of our old beliefs that keep women and men locked in certain roles.  In my poem I say that ‘women can be pilots, politicians, electricians’ whatever they want to be.”

Listen here for Robert’s poem in Chichewa entitled Ngwazi Zazikazi which is translated as Bold Women.

“Whether you are a soldier, carpenter, welder, mechanic,
footballer, plumber, truck driver, minibus conductor
or any other thing considered by society to be masculine,
let your heart be filled with pride beyond measure and,
if you dance, dance with a joyful rhythm.
You are an inspiration to all.

Robert Chiwamba – Poet and STEP Champion

Breaking down gender stereotypes regarding career choices is part of the Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP).  STEP works with gender equality champions such as Robert Chiwamba to promote #WomenBoldforChange.