Guidance and Counselling in Secondary Schools

Jean Munro, a specialist with the STEP team, on June 30th, 2018 worked with Domasi College of Education on how best to deliver the Career Guidance module for secondary school teacher trainees.

The trainees said that when they were in school, they had never experienced support in selecting a career and identifying the path to take to achieve their career goals.  They felt that if such a module is taught to students, they could make informed decisions and have greater clarity in the direction they need to take.

Of the 40 trainees, only one had heard of TEVET and few knew of the types of training options available in technical colleges.  Indeed, they reiterated a clear finding from the Guidance and Counselling study, that few students knew about the types of careers available in the technical fields or how to get the training.

Over the course of the training, the trainees walked through the steps to support students in career planning and were exposed to the various technical trades.