An important step in the development of curricula and qualifications is the use of a technique called DACUM, which stands for “Developing Curriculum”, and has been adopted by the Technical, Entrepreneurial, and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA) as the foundation for the development of competency-based curricula.

From 6th to 24th August 2018, the Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP)  will organise DACUM facilitator training for 24 participants from TEVET institutions, industry, the TEVET Authority and Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sport and Manpower Development.

The participants will be trained for a week in DACUM theory and methodology, and will for the next two weeks facilitate the development of six new DACUM charts.

The new DACUM charts will cover the areas – instrumentation, computer numeric control/machining, renewable energy, TEVET instructor, construction supervisor (both wet trades and finishing).

For the development of each of the six DACUM charts, a panel of occupation practitioners, are invited to prepare a “map” of the major duties and tasks in their occupation.  The DACUM facilitator trainees will facilitate this process, which is a required part of their certification as DACUM facilitators.



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